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Download the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook

Download the software


32-bit version (1.67.1)

Download 64-bit version (1.67.1)


  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Office 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Administrator rights to your computer
  • An active BT MeetMe account
  • Internet access

If you are an IT administrator, see the IT Manager's Guide for more detailed information.

After you download this file, follow the steps in Installation


With version 1.56 and above, the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook can notify you when a new version is available.
It will:

  • Automatically show pop-up notification when new version is available
  • Show Check for updates button in Settings to allow for manual checks
  • Shows a Download button which leads to this page

If your organization does not allow individual users to download and install software, there are other options available. If you require any option other than "Auto (default)", please contact your sales representative or service manager so we can enable this on your account.

Option Auto (default) Manual Partial lockdown Total lockdown
Best for Organisations who want their end users to download and install on their own. Organisations who want end users to download and install but have to check manually if an update is available. Organisations who want their IT staff to install but want end users to submit tickets on an individual basis. Organisations who want to control the deployment of MeetMe Outlook Add-in to their end users.
"Check for updates" button
Automatic notification
Notification instructs user to contact local IT helpdesk
"Download" button
Download leads users to this page

Installing the BT MeetMe add-in for Microsoft Outlook

If you have the administrative rights on your PC to install software, go to the Download page to get the installation files. If you do not have administrative rights to install software, you'll need to work with your IT department to install the add-in.

Double-click the installation file to start the installation setup wizard. Click Next.

Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Check "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and click Next.

Click on Finish and restart Outlook.

You will see new icons in the ribbon.

Setting up the BT MeetMe add-in for Microsoft Outlook

After installation, you will be prompted to connect your BT MeetMe account.

Enter your:

  • Email address
  • BT MeetMe chairperson passcode

Click Sign in

Please note: you must be online with an internet connection to connect your account.

After successfully connecting, the setting screen will show My Info. You may change your default time zone and country if you wish. Click Next. (Clicking on the tabs only works after set up is complete.)

On the "Account Setting" tab, you can update your name, account nickname, and the text that appears in the Meeting Location field of your invites. Click Next to go to the next section.

If you have more than one account, choose an account as your default and determine if you want to have meeting reminders turned on or off. Use the arrows to move from account to account and setup your information for each account.

On the "Phone Numbers" tab, you can enter the phone numbers you would like BT MeetMe to use if you will be utilizing the Quickjoin feature.

Quickjoin is an automated service whereby the BT MeetMe system will dial to your phone to connect you to the conference when using the Meet Now button or meeting reminder alert. Not all customers enable the Quickjoin dial-back service.

Scheduling a meeting with BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook

From the "Home" tab in Outlook ribbon, click on Schedule Meeting

This will open a calendar invite and automatically insert the joining details for your participants.

If you want to modify the dial-in numbers, click Add Meeting Details and see Modifying dial-in numbers for instructions.

Scheduling on behalf of another BT MeetMe chairperson

After setting up your own BT MeetMe account(s), click on the Add Account link to connect to an account in which you will be scheduling meetings.

This is a common scenario for personal assistants or other delegates in Outlook.

Enter the email address and chairperson passcode of the account you will be adding to connect the add-in.

Once connected, set up the details of the account as described in the Set up.

Change the the "Account Nickname" so you can easily identify the account associated with another BT MeetMe user.

To schedule a new meeting with the added account, click on Schedule Meeting in the Outlook ribbon. The new meeting invite will contain your default dial-in information in the body text.

Click on Add Meeting Details in the calendar invite to change to the added account

At the top of the screen, click on the down arrow next to the account nickname to display the available BT MeetMe accounts.

Choose the account you are scheduling "on-behalf-of" and click on Add Meeting Details again to insert the dial-in details for that account.

Complete filling in the To and Subject fields, meeting date and time, and any text in the body of the invite. Click Send to complete the scheduling.

Modifying your dial-in numbers with the BT MeetMe add-in

BT MeetMe provides local dial-in numbers for approximately 70 countries. When you first create an invite, the add-in will attempt to insert the numbers for your country in the "My Info" tab in the add-in's settings.

To change the list of numbers displayed, click on Add Meeting Details from a calendar invite.

Next click on Select Dial in Numbers

Select toll and toll-free numbers from the country list by checking the box next to the numbers. Click on Add Numbers when you are done selecting.

If you wish to save the changes you made for this and future invites, check the box Remember Details.

Then click on Add Details to insert the new information into the meeting invite.

People receiving your invite (meeting participants) will see the dial-in information you chose.

Joining a meeting from a reminder

Join online meeting is only available if your BT MeetMe account has Dolby Voice.

When scheduling meeting with the Outlook add-in, you may set a meeting reminder.

Before your BT MeetMe call, a reminder will pop-up at the time you set when creating the meeting.

Reminders can be turned on/off for each BT MeetMe account in the Settings menu.

From the reminder pop-up, you will be able to:

  • Join online meeting (this only appears for Dolby Voice users)
  • Have the system call you
  • Dial-in using your phone
  • View Participants.

You may also choose to Snooze the reminder for a few minutes or Dismiss the reminder without any other action.

If you click on Join online meeting, Call me, or Dial-in using my phone, the system will automatically open the BT MeetMe web portal using your chairperson credentials without you having to login.

This is the same functionality as clicking the Meet Now button within the add-in.

Using Join online meeting

Using Call me

Using Dial-in using my phone

If want to monitor who is in your call before joining yourself, click on View Participants to open a view-only version of the BT MeetMe web portal.

From there, you may Join the meeting to begin hosting or End the meeting for all participants.

Joining from "Meet Now" button

If you are hosting a meeting, the Meet Now button is a fast and easy way to join. Most people use this if reminders are disabled.

How you join depends on the features enabled on your account.

Note: Meet Now will launch your default MeetMe account.

With Dolby Voice

If your account has Dolby Voice enabled, the Meet Now button will automatically pass your log in credentials and chairperson passcode to the web portal, and assumes you want to use your computer to join the call (Voice over IP).

With Dial-back

If your account has dial-back enabled, the system will call the default phone number you have chosen in the Settings menu.

Make sure you have completed setup and have selected your default phone number.

Dial in manually

If neither of the above features are enabled, the system will bring to the web portal and find the dial-in number that matches your country. If there is no match, you can easily find a nearby country.

The passcode is also on this screen for easy reference and you have the option of seeing the meeting roster.

After joining this way, you will be prompted to enter an identity token to link your name and number to the meeting roster.

Joining from the invite

As the chairperson, you can join from the invitation stored in your calendar. However, it will have your participant passcode so you will have to manually enter your chairperson passcode.

TIP: It is much easier to join from the Meet Now" button in the ribbon or from the meeting reminder alert since the applications will immediately connect you without having to re-enter your chairperson passcode.

Note: Most of these options depend on your account settings and you may not have all of them.

Join the meeting online

If you have Dolby Voice enabled, this is the easiest and most cost-effective way to join.

Clicking the blue URL will bring you to the web portal and automatically insert the meeting passcode.

Have the meeting call me

If dial-back is enabled on your account, clicking or tapping the blue link Have the meeting call me will have the system call you.

If you're the chairperson, it will call you at the default dial-in number in Settings.

If you're a participant, the web portal will ask you for your name, email address and your phone number.

Or just call

You can dial in manually by using one of the listed dial in numbers.

If you need a dial-in number for another country, click or tap, View a full list after "Need additional local numbers?"

Frequently Asked Questions

General Back to Top

The BT MeetMe add-in allows users to schedule and launch BT MeetMe conferences from their desktop.
Yes, BT is offering this productivity enhancing feature for free to all BT MeetMe customers.
Absolutely, the add-in is a supplemental feature that does not interfere with other functions of Microsoft Outlook.
If you change your PC, you will need to re-install the add-in and sign in again.
The add-in is a value-added feature for BT MeetMe customers only. To open a BT MeetMe account, please visit the sign-up page.

Installation and setup Back to Top

If you are permitted to install software on your PC, you can download and install the add-in from our downloads page. Otherwise, contact your IT administrator.
To install and operate the add-in, users will need a Windows PC, Outlook 2010 or 2013, internet access, and a valid BT MeetMe account.
The add-in is activated by entering your email address and chairperson passcode for your BT MeetMe account the first time you sign in.
Please verify that your internet connection is active and that you have clicked on the link on the downloads page. If you are still having difficulty, please contact your IT administrator.
If you can successfully downloaded the application but it fails to install, please contact your IT administrator and verify that your PC is permitted to install software without an administrator login.
If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact your organisation's IT help desk for support. Please note any error messages you may be receiving from the system and ensure that you are connected to the internet.

This can occur for two known reasons.

  1. You have software installed that recognises applications not approved by your IT organisation and it has automatically been removed.
  2. Alternatively the add-in could have been disabled by Outlook.

Check Tools > Trust Centre > Add-ins you should see MeetMe Outlook Add-in... listed under Active Applications. If it is listed under Disabled or Inactive Add-ins it needs moving to Active Applications.

Using the add-in Back to Top

To start your conference from the add-in, click on the Meet Now button on the Outlook ribbon or on the reminder which pops up on your computer at a set time prior to the call. You will be presented with join methods. If using BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice, you'll be able to join via computer. If using a standard telephone, you may choose a phone number and click on the join button. Wait for your phone to ring. When you answer it, you will be connected to your conference. In addition, your web browser will open and connect you to the BT MeetMe web portal.
You can add, edit or remove a callback number by clicking Settings button in the Outlook toolbar. From there, click on the "Phone Numbers" tab to make changes. Click Apply to save changes.
You can launch the BT MeetMe web portal in a view-only mode from the reminder. When the reminder appears prior to the call, click on View Participants.

Dial-in numbers Back to Top

Yes, when you use the add-in to schedule a conference, you have the option to select which country dial-in numbers to include in your invitation. Your settings can be saved for the next time you schedule a conference. To do that, check Remember Details.
Please call the BT Conferencing support desk who can verify them for you.
The add-in will refresh phone numbers and passcodes on a weekly basis. If you need to refresh manually, you can use the Settings > Sign Out. Sign back in with the appropriate chairperson passcode.

Adding or removing BT MeetMe accounts Back to Top

You can remove an account from appearing in the add-in by going to Settings > Remove Accounts. Click on the small arrow at the bottom of the Settings button.
Yes, support for adding accounts for "on-behalf-of" booking is a feature of the BT MeetMe add-in. To implement, go to the Settings button. Click on the "Account Settings" tab and then click on the Add Account link.
If you have more than one BT MeetMe conference, you can sign in using any valid pair of email address and chairperson passcode assigned to your billing account. The add-in will download conference details for all of the BT MeetMe accounts that are assigned to your billing account.

Keeping your chairperson passcode secure Back to Top

If you need to change the time of a meeting created with the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook, you MUST be signed in to the add-in when you reschedule. Because the add-in automatically saves the chairperson details to your calendar, if you are NOT signed in, the add-in is not running and cannot prevent the chairperson passcodes from being sent out to your participants.
If you originally scheduled a meeting with the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook, your chairperson details are saved to YOUR calendar. If you need to reschedule in web mail, the web mail app will update the calendar invite with your existing chairperson details and send it out to your participants. It is recommended you reschedule in Outlook while signed into the BT MeetMe add-in. If you must reschedule using web mail, you will need to manually edit the invitation to remove your confidential chairperson passcode and replace with your participant passcode.
If you schedule a meeting with the BT MeetMe add-in for Outlook and then open the invite and reply all, you will be sending whatever text is in the body of the invite to participants. Be sure to delete any confidential information, including your chairperson passcode, before sending the email.

Webex Back to Top

The BT MeetMe and Webex add-ins work side by side but they cannot be used together on the same meeting invite. If your intention is to hold a Webex-oriented call, we recommend using the Webex add-in to schedule. If your goal is to hold an audio call that will not be Webex oriented, use the BT MeetMe add-in. Please note that should you change your mind and wish to launch Webex ad-hoc during an in-progress audio call, you will be offered the ability to Share My Screen with participants who also join screen sharing.

More help Back to Top

If you require help with the add-in, please contact your BT Conferencing service helpdesk by telephone or email. Please make a note of what version of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Windows you are using. If possible, please note the date and time of the problem and any steps you were taking at the time of the problem.

Uninstalling Back to Top

To uninstall the add-in, please go to your Microsoft® Windows Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Find the application named MeetMe Outlook Add-in and click on the Remove button.

IT Manager's Guide

This guide provides instructions for deployment of the add-in via an IT managed deployment to many users.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Office 2010 and 2013i


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • An active BT MeetMe account
  • Internet access

Deployment Instructions

  1. Download the .msi installer for the add-in from the download page or obtain the msi file from your BT project managerii.
  2. Make sure the pre-requisite components (described in the read-me) are installed on target PCs before deploying the add-in.
  3. If you are using a previous version of the add-in published by Ring2 Communications, LLC please remove that add-in called "Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013". The new BT MeetMe add-in, "MeetMe Outlook Add-In," replaces that.
  4. Follow the instructions of the IT utility you are using to manage the silent installation.


After successful installation, individual users will be required to connect their add-in to BT to authenticate their BT MeetMe account. When users first open Outlook after add-in installation, a pop-up window will prompt the user to enter the email address and chairperson passcode associated with their BT MeetMe audio conferencing account.

Internet Port Requirements

The BT MeetMe add-in communicates between the user install and BT via internet over SSL Port 443.

Proxy Server Considerations

For companies that block access to BT via proxy server, the following URLs need to be open in order to utilize the BT MeetMe add-in functionality:,,,,,

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

The BT MeetMe add-in has been designed for utilization on VDI environments as well as standard desktop installation.

User Data


Add-in data (user data and logs) is stored locally in: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\BT MeetMe
User data is stored in the "Users" subfolder while logs are stored in the "Logs" subfolder.


Logs contain different events that occur during the app's lifetime. The current log at a given time is "log.log" while old logs are archived in "Archive" subfolder. All logs are stored in plain text but sensitive data, such as chairperson passcode, is not logged.

Data stored

  • Email address and whether the account is an "on-behalf-of" account
  • Chairperson and participant passcodes
  • First and last names
  • Account nickname(s)
  • Meeting location (custom location used in the invites)
  • Flag indicating whether it is the default account
  • Dial-in number list (cached and refreshed every week)
  • Flag indicating whether the account has a favourite dial-in number list
  • Reminder on/off status


User data is stored using Microsoft Windows DPAPI (Data Protection API) which is based on the user's password. DPAPI does not prompt the user for the password; it rather encrypts data seamlessly using a key generated based on the user's password and an entropy. The entropy is an extra key specific to the add-in and is hardcoded within the app.

More information about DPAPI, its architecture, the techniques/algorithm it uses to encrypt/decrypt data and how it handles different scenarios can be found on MSDN:

Single-Sign On

The BT MeetMe Outlook add-in is designed to function in conjunction with Single-Sign On (SSO).If Single Sign On is enabled, a Temp sub-folder will be created in the MeetMe Outlook add-in folder (C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\BT MeetMe) which will contain temporary HTML files used to avoid launching the browser with long URLs. The temporary HTML files are created based on requests from the user (Meet Now, or any fast join option selected on the reminder screen) and they are only kept for 20 seconds after which they will be permanently deleted. This is to prevent issues with very long SSO tokens exceeding the length supported by the web browser.


The add-in is activated by entering the email address and chairperson passcode for the user's MeetMe account the first time the user opens Outlook after installation.
Ensure that the user is connected to the internet and double-check that the correct email address and chairperson passcode are entered. If the user is still encountering issues, contact BT help desk. Our first step will be to ensure your credentials in our database are valid.
If you have more than one BT MeetMe conference account, you can sign using any valid pair of email address and chairperson passcode assigned to your billing account. The add-in will download conference details for all of the BT MeetMe passcodes that are assigned to that user under that EB billing account.
The add-in will refresh phone numbers on a weekly basis. If you need to refresh manually, you can use the Settings > Sign out capability. Sign back in with the appropriate chairperson passcode.
If you have multiple MeetMe accounts and want to remove one so it does not display in the add-in, go to Settings > Remove Accounts. Click on the small arrow at the bottom of the Settings button.
This account will still be active and usable but not available in the add-in. To cancel the account, please contact the help desk and ask them to deactivate that account.
If your chairperson passcode changes, you will need to sign out of the add-in with the old passcode and reconnect with the new. If your participant passcodes change, you will need provide participants with the updated details, either by editing and resending your meeting invite for the BT MeetMe Outlook add-in or by other communication. Generally, any time your passcodes change, we recommend signing in/out of the add-in to force the add-in to pick up the changes. The add-in will also query the database every 7 days to see if passcodes have changed. Phone number and passcode changes are not common.
The add-in could have been disabled by Outlook. Check Tools > Trust Centre > Add-ins you should see "MeetMe Outlook Add-in" listed under Active Applications. If it's listed under Disabled or Inactive Add-ins, move it to Active Applications.
If the add-in cannot communication to BT servers, the user may get an error message that the desired action can't be undertaken or that the API is unavailable. This is because there is no network connection. This error has been experienced periodically during testing because of VPN issues. It was temporary and resolved as soon as network connectivity returned.,,,,,
The most common reason for this occurrence seems to be incorrect setup between the Marketing database where customer-specific dial-in numbers and instructions may be located and the production BT database, which drives the data in the add-in. Please contact your Service Manager if this occurs.

i The add-in was developed and tested for 2010 and 2013.Limited testing indicates compatibility with Office 2016 and 365 but at this time, 2016 and 365 are not advocated.

ii In cases where a branded client has been developed, the add-in client will be distributed to the customer instead of posted on the standard download URL on this site.